walk-in shower

Reasons you may need a mobility friendly bathroom

Mobility bathrooms can be a real help to people with a wide variety of mobility and other problems. Having extra mobility aids and specialist products can mean that a person is able to retain their independence and dignity while they use the most private and personal room in the home. It is never pleasant to […]

Walk in Bath

Walk in shower or walk in bath – what’s best for you?

When you are planning a new mobility friendly bathroom in Edinburgh then one of the biggest dilemmas you will face is whether to install a walk in shower or a walk in bath. It is a situation many people face as you usually only have the space for one or the other so which should […]

walk-in shower

What tiles do I need for bathing mobility?

Having the right kind of floor tiles in your wet room can be the difference between having a safe surface to stand on and having a serious accident. Most normal bathroom tiles can become very slippery when wet and therefore make for a hazardous floor. If you are considering turning your bathroom into a wet […]

mirror and shower

The use of mirrors for mobility friendly bathrooms

Interior designers have been using mirrors for years to add an extra dimension to any room. Mirrors not only have a functional use but they can also provide extra light, colour and the appearance of extra space in smaller rooms, which is idea for smaller bathrooms. However, when planning your mobility friendly bathroom or wet […]

walk-in shower

Storage solutions for wet rooms

Storage is essential in any bathroom as you need somewhere to store your lotions, potions and loo roll. However, in a mobility friendly wet room you need to be very smart about the storage solutions you choose. You need to consider how you will keep your storage units dry and also you don’t want to […]