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The Importance of grab rails for your bathroom.

Grab rails are important when putting your mobility and health difficulties first, and when installing wetrooms or mobility bathrooms, the correct placement is vital to effective use. Here at BMAS Edinburgh, we know this is relevant for people of all ages, if you or a member of your household would feel they need additional support […]

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Thermostatic Showers – Do You Need One?

Even water temperature depends on steady water flowing to your shower, and sudden water temperature variations easily occur, if a tap is used elsewhere. This can be frustrating for users of bathrooms and wetrooms. The slower the rate of water the hotter it becomes, and this is dangerous if you cannot move out of the […]

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Shower Seats – How To Measure Up Correctly.

At BMAS, we want you to feel safer when showering and bathing in your bathroom. Shower seats are perfect if illness fatigue or pain prevents you from standing for long enough and we know that a durable and correctly shaped seat will provide long-term comfort and safety. Just like grab rails, installing a shower seat […]

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Creating bathrooms in small spaces

Here at BMAS, one of our specialities is converting small spaces into amazing bathrooms. If you are stuck for space, never assume that you won’t be able to have an easy-access bathroom, because we are here to assure you that you can. If we think you can, you can We recently converted a bathroom into […]

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BMAS – Creating wetrooms in Edinburgh with safety in mind

At BMAS we specialise in bathrooms and wetrooms in Edinburgh that are suitable for customers with mobility issues. Because of this, our team have a better understanding than most about the problems involved in negotiating your way around a bathroom safely. The problems with wetroom flooring One of the biggest problems when it comes to […]