Wet rooms are an open plan design, which makes them look bigger and more spacious. Their design is modern and best of all they offer straightforward access for people with restricted mobility. They are step free and without trip hazards which is really helpful to people with conditions which cause them to fall easily. Having decided to fit a new wet room in your home for easy low-level access, you now have the exciting task of choosing how to decorate and accessorise it. Check out some of the before and after shots on our website for inspiration.

A two-tone bathroom in bold colours is both a creative statement and a helpful way of providing contrast for those with vision impairment. The colours you choose depend on how brave you are feeling! How about energising yellow or warming red? For a more chilled out, calming wetroom, choose blue tones. Teal combined with lots of glass, mirrors and carefully chosen lighting will give an air of luxury. Or to recreate the feeling of a luxurious hotel bathroom, try sleek and modern slate.

Creating a natural feeling bathroom can produce feelings of serenity. Try adding in some greenery or wallpaper depicting the outdoors, combined with natural materials that add texture such as marble and stone.

If you are undecided about the colour to choose, how about getting your colour from the lighting? Neutral colours in the wet room, illuminated by coloured bulbs means you can change your mind as often as you change the bulbs.

Colour is so often a personal choice, but we’d be happy to guide you to what colours would suit your space, so why not get in touch?