The bathroom is a place where we spend quite a bit of time, therefore modernising and renovating it means looking to the future and installing something that will make bathing easier. A walk-in shower is a popular option for those looking for a low-access shower with the capability to install mobility aids for a safer bathing experience. But how much is a walk-in shower and what are the different factors affecting its price?

  1. What are the key considerations when it comes to Walk-In Shower Installation Costs?
  2. How will additional walk-in shower feature affect the price?
  3. Walk-In Showers vs Commercial Showers: What are the price differences?
  4. Planning Your Budget

What are the key considerations when it comes to Walk-In Shower Installation Costs?

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Each element involved in getting a walk-in shower has separate costs. When setting your budget, it’s best to break it down into the price of the individual parts.

Cost of the walk-in shower itself

First, there’s the cost of the walk-in shower itself. If it’s a bespoke build, such as a walled walk-in shower, you’ll spend more than if it’s a package with the tray, shower controls, fittings and head.

Type of shower

Another area where the price varies is if you’re choosing an electric shower, power shower or mixer shower, power showers being the most premium out of the three Another option to consider when it comes to cost is a steam room shower, which can provide a level of humidity that has some health benefits, such as improving circulation.

Labour costs

Labour costs are also a consideration, as a walk-in shower needs to be installed by a professional. Installation costs will normally include the removal cost of  your current fixture , the installation itself and other optional additions and accessories that will be part of your shower unit.

When planning a bathroom for someone with mobility issues it’s always best to consult an expert to make sure the new design fits their needs and is best for their space.

How will additional walk-in shower feature affect the price?

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If you work with a specialist, you can get a walk-in shower package. The costs will be upfront and clear, covering the removal, design work, labour, installation and the shower itself. Alternatively, you can buy any additional features separately, such as:

Shower tray & screen

If you need a shower tray and want to get it to sit flush with the floor, this could involve extra installation costs. A shower screen, usually a sheet of glass, is also required unless a bespoke walled solution is chosen.

For those who don’t want a tray, wet rooms are an option. In this case, the tray and the shower screen won’t need to be in your budget. On the other hand, you’ll have an open-plan bathroom, which means more tiling.

Drainage, handrails, ventilation & non slip surfaces

Drainage, handrails, ventilation and non-slip surfaces are additional costs and considerations if you go down that route. However, some of these safety features are also good options for walk-showers.

In-shower seating

Walk-in showers and wet rooms leave enough space for in-shower seating. This feature adds to the luxury and can help those with mobility issues. Decisions that you’ll need to make either way include the size of the shower, the style, the location and the  types of the materials you would like to use.

Walk-In Showers vs Commercial Showers: What are the price differences?

When looking at how much it costs to replace a shower in the UK, you might want to compare a walk-in shower with regular commercial showers to see if you can save money. It’s vital to remember that walk-in showers are a great investment for now and the future, as you might need to change from a commercial shower to a walk-in one further down the line.

Whether you require mobility aid or are looking for a more bespoke and luxurious showering experience, there are plenty of benefits that come with walk-in showers compared to commercial ones.

Improved safety

Entering and exiting is easy and less hazardous. There’s no threshold, which means wheelchairs can enter, and you’re not likely to trip. Plus, the addition of a seat ensures comfort and a safer experience.


Easy entry and the ability to use a wheelchair means increased independence, making them a top choice for elderly or disabled people. They’re also space-savers, especially corner options, compared to planning for a bath and shower cubicle.

Suited to small bathrooms

They’re appealing when it comes to designing a small bathroom space, as they allow light to flow through the bathroom without compromising space.

Easy to clean

Walk-in showersare easier to clean. You can wipe the shower and the glass screen in a few minutes, saving you time and energy.

Planning Your Budget


Once you jot down some figures, you’ll have an idea of how much money you need. Shopping around is important and an excellent way to find some savings. If you’re concerned about costs and your finances, keep in mind that there are solutions to make it more affordable.

Disabled Facilities Grant

If you need to adapt your bathroom due to age-related needs, an illness, a condition or a disability, you could get support from the government. The Disabled Facilities Grant covers widening doors, grab rails and improving facilities, such as a level access shower.

The amount you receive depends on where you live, your income and your savings; some grants go up to £36,000. You can check the eligibility details online and apply through your local council.

We do not offer any disability grants or financing.

VAT Exemptions

Another potential saving to consider is if you’re eligible for VAT exemption. People whose mobility is affected by a chronic illness or a disability could save the cost of VAT completely  forcosts and fees.

Plan Your Walk-In Shower

It’s best to speak to experts and get some quotes to help you work out the costs, pick the best options for you and ensure a professional and safe installation. The BMAS team is happy to help. They manage the whole project from design to completion and adhere to the highest standards and safety regulations.  Please contact us if you have any further questions about our walk-in showers.