Walk in showers Edinburgh

BMAS can advise on a walk in shower that is right for you!

Whatever you choose from our wide and bespoke range, our walk in shower installation is hassle free.

In most cases we use the space of your old bath, which gives you a large area to shower in safety.

Equally if you’re looking to upgrade your full bathroom leave it all to BMAS. You will be amazed at how we can help!

As no installations are the same there are many options and choices available to suit your needs for a safely designed shower room. Below is a small selection of a very large range of our walk in showers in Edinburgh.

Walk in showers in Edinburgh

Installed by BMAS

A walk-in shower installed by BMAS Edinburgh

Installed by BMAS

Walk-in showers in Edinburgh

Installed by BMAS

These are just a few examples of walk in showers in Edinburgh installed by BMAS.

Every installation is different and will be designed and installed around your needs and budget.