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Why BMAS Walk in Baths?

Walk in baths give safe, comfortable bathing but it’s little things that make the difference and BMAS takes care of them all. Accessories like mixer level taps, thermostatically controlled water flow, grab rails, non-slip bases, shower head attachments, hydrotherapy spa, pump to increase flow rate are just some of the features you’ll expect to find on a BMAS bath.

We stock a range of taps, thermostatic fail-safe mixing valves & single or twin impeller pumps to increase water flow where applicable. As no walk in bath installations are the same there are many options and choices available to suit your needs for a safely designed bathroom. Below is a small selection of our easy access baths.

The Cramond

Walk-in bath


  • 1700mm X 700mm or 1500mm X 700mm.
  • Powered seat with battery back up as standard.
  • Takes up to 26 stones in weight.
  • Watertight easy access door.
  • Left or Right hand entry.
  • End panels available.
  • Seat can be removed, so bath can be used as a conventional bath.
  • Large range of taps available with or without showerhead attachment.
  • Water temperature thermostatically regulated.
  • Spa option available.

This Cramond walk in bath is available in a standard size, allowing you to lie back and enjoy that relaxing soak once again – completely independently. With a powered seat that gently raises and lowers you in and out of the easy access bath, sit back and let the Cramond do all the work for you!

The Grange

The Grange disabled bath


  • 1500mm X 745mm
  • 1700mm X 745mm
  • Powered Seat with battery back up as standard.
  • Takes up to 24 stones in weight.
  • Left or Right hand configuration.
  • Large range of taps available with or witout showered attachment.
  • Spa option available.
  • End panels available.
  • Choice of folding arm rests.

The Grange powered bath comes with a built in seat lift, operated by a convenient hand control. The bath’s controls allow you to transfer onto the seat from the outside of the bath, then gently raises and turns you into the bath, lowering you to your desired height. The easy to use hand control allows you to stop the seat at anytime.

The Meadows

meadows walk in bath


  • 1220 mm X 660mm
  • Height Overall: 915mm minimum
  • Available in right or left hand entry
  • Comes with front panel as standard
  • Additional end panels available
  • Choose from twist grip, pop up or chain waste
  • Range of hydrotherapy and spa options
  • Colour option available
  • Large choice of taps available with or without showerhead attachment
  • Range of taps, thermostatic fail-safe mixing valves & single or twin impellar pumps to increase waterflow where applicable.

Combining aesthetics, practicality and ease of use, The Meadows walk-in bath is one of our most popular all round Walk in Baths. This bath’s compact design makes excellent use of limited space, and deeper than an average bath allows you to enjoy a good relaxing soak. With a wide opening and watertight door, this elegant walk-in bath allows you to enter and exit with ease. There is also an integral seat that is contoured for comfort, helping you to maintain an upright seating position.

The Links

Links walk in bath


  • Length: 1685mm
  • Width: 750mm
  • Height Overall: 730mm minimum (adjustable)


  • Available in right or left hand entry.
  • Comes with front panel as standard.
  • Additional end panels available.
  • Choose from twist grip, pop up or chain waste.
  • Range of hydrotherapy and spa options.
  • Large choice of taps available with or without showerhead attachment.
  • Colour option available.
  • Range of taps, thermostatic fail-safe mixing valves & single or twin impellar pumps to increase waterflow where applicable.

The Links walk-in bath provides a practical bathing solution that fits discretely into any home. The Link’s tasteful design offers simplicity and ease of use, whilst the bath’s size makes it ideal as a standard bath replacement. With a low threshold and a wide side-opening door, the bath is easily accessible and features a carefully designed built in seat that has been contoured for comfort and relaxation.

The Carlton

The Carlton walk in bath


  • Length: 1500mm or 166omm
  • Height 550mm
  • Width 740mm
  • Motorised seat
  • Thermostatic controls
  • Finger tip controls
  • Twin wastes
  • All colours

Enjoy the pleasures of a full length bath with out worrying if you can get in or out. Simply open the water tight door, sit down on the comfortable saddle-band seat, lock the door, then press the fingertip controls to fill up the bath with temperature controlled water.

Enjoy a long hot soak. The Carlton has a twin roller motorised seat belt. By pressing the easy to reach button, the belt gently and evenly lowers you right to the bottom of the bath, with out any swaying. You can also have a 16 jet  spa system and a separate shower system added too.

The Blackford

The Blackford walk in bath


  • Length: 1690mm
  • 750mm wide
  • 200 litre capacity
  • Self sealing 8mm glass door
  • Unique door locking mechanism
  • Front operated stylish chrome shower valve controls
  • Soft cushion removable seat
  • 5mm acrylic bath
  • Low height (190mm)
  • Cut out entrance for easy access
  • Seat designed not to slip down bath

The Blackford includes all the components anyone with limited mobility will ever need, such as side access bath with locking door, deck mounted valve controlled taps, and a hand shower which  also features an overhead drench head plus removable shower seat. A comfortable curved removable seat allows you to wait for the bath to fill in the knowledge that it is safely secured by the bath’s ingenious design. The bath also has thermostatically controlled bath filler system, you can enjoy a relaxing soak knowing the bath can be emptied in a couple of minutes.

What is a walk-in bath?

Simply put, a walk-in bath is a bath with a door in. The door allows you to step in and out safely over a low threshold, avoiding the risks often faced with a traditional bath when mobility starts to become an issue.

How does a walk-in bath work?

A walk-in bath works by utilising a water-tight door. That is why buying a quality walk-in tub is very important. You step in, close the door, and safely fill the tub using a thermostatic tap or filler. The filler maintains a safe temperature to avoid scalding. Once you have finished bathing you can drain the bath before opening the door and safely step out. Filling and draining times vary depending on your system. Some baths have double drainage points to speed up the process. This is something we consider when surveying your current bathroom and plumbing. Contact us for your free bathroom survey.

Can you use a walk-in bath as a shower?

Many bath models allow for a shower screen or curtain to be fitted above the bath. So yes, you can shower in your walk-in bath if you fancy a change. Alternatively, you can replace your traditional bath with a walk-in shower with a seat if this is more suitable.

How much is a walk-in bath?

There are many types of walk-in baths available, from compact baths to baths with powered seats. They can be full-length, or compact ‘upright’ baths which make the most of the space available. They can have optional extras, such as spas or chromotherapy. Don’t forget to consider floor and wall coverings as well as any plumbing changes, furniture and sanitary ware. The best way to get a fixed price for the most suitable walk-in bath is by contacting our team for a free design survey.

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