Bathrooms with Walk in Baths

​Here at BMAS we are experienced installers of walk in baths. With easy, step-in access, walk-in baths are ideal for the elderly or people with mobility challenges who find the movement needed to climb into a traditional bath difficult to do without assistance.

Our experienced advisors can help design an accessible bathroom with the features you’re looking for, making it safe and easy for you to use.

Walk-in bath in well lit bathroom
Walk in bath with power lift
compact walk in bath with glass door
Compact walk in bath with glass door open
Full-length walk-in bath
Walk in bath with shower

Some walk in baths take up the same footprint as a typical bath, or, ideal for smaller bathrooms, there’s the option of a taller compact design bath, which takes up less floor space and has a built-in seat. Most have non-slip flooring and grab bars for safety, some have powered seats to comfortably lower you into the bath, others have hydrotherapy spa jets to ease aches and pains.




A Complete Bathroom Transformation Service

mobility bathroom specialists

Mobility Bathroom Specialists

BMAS mobility specialists are experienced in designing attractive, accessible bathrooms, with layouts and features thoughtfully selected to suit your individual needs.

Dedicated Service from mobility bathroom specialists

Dedicated Service

Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with the best advice and help throughout your journey to a more accessible bathroom. Get started with a free home visit.

Quality Workmanship - tiling bathroom

Quality Workmanship

Our installation teams pride themselves on the quality of their work and you can expect every element of your bathroom, from fixtures to fittings to meet our exacting standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a walk-in bath work?

Walk in baths have a water-tight door, which allows you to easily enter and exit the bath, stepping in and out safely over a low threshold, instead of climbing over the side. Once the door is closed, the thermostatic tap or bath filler fills the bath and maintains a safe temperature. Once you have finished bathing you can drain the bath before opening the door and safely stepping out. Filling and draining times vary depending on your system. Some baths have double drainage points to speed up the process. This would be something we would consider when surveying your current bathroom plumbing.

Can you use a walk-in bath as a shower?

Many bath models allow for a shower screen or curtain to be fitted above the bath. So yes, you can shower in your walk-in bath. Alternatively, you can replace your traditional bath with a walk-in shower with a seat if this is more suitable.

Find out more about wet rooms and walk in shower rooms.

How much is a walk-in bath?

There are various types of walk-in baths available, from compact, taller baths, to baths with powered lifting seats. Some have optional extras, such as spa jets or chromotherapy options, so there are a range of prices, depending on what you are looking for. Your floor and wall covering choices will also impact the price of your bathroom, as well as any plumbing changes and the choice of furniture and sanitary ware. The best way to get a fixed price for the most suitable walk-in bathroom for you, is by contacting our team for a free design visit, where our advisors can visit with you in the comfort of your own home to understand what you’re looking for and create a no-obligation bathroom design and quote.