It is an unfortunate fact that for many of us getting older can often mean struggling to get around. Mobility can be lost or reduced for many reasons, from illness or disability through to simple old age.

If you worry that your ability to get around isn’t what it used to be or that your current health and mobility problems are only going to get worse it could be the time for you to start making plans to convert your bathroom into a more useable space.

Let us reassure you right from the start that this is not the Herculean task you may think it is. We are here to offer expert advice on which kind of bathroom or wetroom will best suit your needs, whether it is a walk-in shower or wetroom you are after or whether you need advice on what kind of wetroom flooring is most suitable. We can take care of every aspect of your new mobility-friendly bathroom from the initial planning to the installation and beyond.

Our previous customers attest to our professionalism and expertise and all are pleased with the life-changing benefits that their new bathroom has brought them.

All our tradespeople, the plumbers, electricians and joiners work to the very highest standards as one of our previous clients, Mrs Mitchell told us. She was very pleased that they were able to do such a great job in a way that caused minimum disruption.

If you are starting to struggle with your mobility, don’t wait. Call us now and see how we can help.