Here at BMAS, one of our specialities is converting small spaces into amazing bathrooms. If you are stuck for space, never assume that you won’t be able to have an easy-access bathroom, because we are here to assure you that you can.

If we think you can, you can

We recently converted a bathroom into a walk-in shower room for a lady called May whose daughters wrote to say how pleased their mum is with the work we did. May was unsure at first about her very old-fashioned bathroom (their word, not ours!) and whether we could turn it into a walk-in bathroom, but as usual, with the combined efforts of our design and installation team, it turned out to be a first-class job. In fact, we’re told that the first thing May does when visitors arrive is to show them her fabulous new walk-in bathroom and tell them how great the installation team was.

Small spaces can be beautiful too

Even if you are not convinced about whether your bathroom could be converted into a walk-in bathroom, you will find yourself pleasantly surprised when we tell you that there is virtually no space which is too small. If you have space for a bath then you have space for a walk in shower. And with such a huge range of designs, shower seats, stools, chairs and shower options you will soon be able to take advantage of independent bathing in the stylish surroundings of your own bathroom. Not only that, you will definitely be the envy of all your friends and family with a design that surpasses all expectations. Wetrooms don’t have to be solely functional. With BMAS, you’ll have a stylish bathroom you can show off, just like May, whatever your mobility needs.