Storage is essential in any bathroom as you need somewhere to store your lotions, potions and loo roll. However, in a mobility friendly wet room you need to be very smart about the storage solutions you choose. You need to consider how you will keep your storage units dry and also you don’t want to crowd the room with trip hazards and obstacles.

Keep it up

Your wet room flooring is bound to see a lot of water and moisture and so the last thing you want is drawers, cupboards or baskets sitting on the floor and being ruined by water. Storage units, such as drawers and cupboards, can be fitted several inches above the flooring so that they are protected from sitting water. Your BMAS designer will be able to talk you through all of the options available to you depending on your mobility requirements and size of room.

Outside the box

Another clever storage solution for wet rooms is to have recessed shelves or ledges built into your walls. An alcove in the shower can be used to store your shower products while a recess by the sink can hold toothbrushes and toothpaste. Recessed storage blocks dismiss the need for extra materials in the bathroom which could be affected by the moisture. You maintain the smooth lines of the tiles but also reduce the amount of furniture in your wet room and thus reducing the amount of hazards and things to negotiate around.