Having the right kind of floor tiles in your wet room can be the difference between having a safe surface to stand on and having a serious accident. Most normal bathroom tiles can become very slippery when wet and therefore make for a hazardous floor. If you are considering turning your bathroom into a wet room to make it more accessible for you, then you need to think long and hard about the tiles you choose to use.

BMAS – keeping you safe

BMAS offer a range of non-slip tiles and vinyl flooring options for your new wet room, walk in shower or accessible bathroom. Even the smallest bit of condensation can make floor tiles a danger to walk on so installing our gradient non-slip floor tiles will ensure that your new wet room is completely safe to use. All of our non-slip flooring is available in a wide selection of colours, styles and finishes so that you can have flooring which compliments the rest of your bathroom perfectly.

It is not just your new wet room flooring which can consist of non-slip tiles. You can choose to use non-slip tiles on your wet room walls as well to make them a more sturdy and safe place to rest your hands for balance or support. This is ideal for those who struggle that bit more with their mobility and confidence and need an extra bit of assistance.

Let BMAS create a stunning walk in shower or wet room which our range of non-slip vinyl and tiles to create a beautiful and, most importantly, safe bathroom for you to enjoy.