Grab rails are important when putting your mobility and health difficulties first, and when installing wetrooms or mobility bathrooms, the correct placement is vital to effective use. Here at BMAS, we know this is relevant for people of all ages, if you or a member of your household would feel they need additional support in a bathroom.

We know it is commonplace to suffer a bathroom fall due to wet surfaces, yet people can seem reluctant to fit grab rails. If you have reduced strength, suffer pain poor balance or dizziness or low sight, grab rails will be important for:

  • Extra support confidence and stability when getting in and out of the bath or shower.
  • Reduced risk of falls and improved safety if feeling unwell.
  • Taking the pressure off your joints or other painful body areas.
  • Improved independence and peace of mind.

In addition, correct positioning and a non-slip surface is crucial for optimum benefit:

  • Vertical positioning: Perfect for helping you stand from a bath seat or shower seat. Ideal for your shower entrance, above a bath or within a wetroom.
  • Horizontal positioning: A wall fixed rail approx 10cm above the rim of the bath, can be very helpful for for standing to get out of your bath. Our BMAS installers will position it in an ideal spot for your bathing needs.
  • Diagonal positioning: A slight downwards sloping rail is ideal if you have wrist weakness, because you can rest your forearms on it for extra support. Or an angled or right-angled rail may be more suitable for you.

Our BMAS staff will help you to gain optimum safety, by fitting the correct size and type for any bathroom or wetroom – why not call today for a no-obligation quotation?