Mobility bathrooms can be a real help to people with a wide variety of mobility and other problems. Having extra mobility aids and specialist products can mean that a person is able to retain their independence and dignity while they use the most private and personal room in the home.

It is never pleasant to have to have help from someone else whilst you use the bathroom and so a mobility friendly bathroom can really change someone’s life for the better.

Helping to give back your independence

Mobility friendly bathrooms can be adapted to suit a range of needs. Often, the older we get the more our mobility suffers and we may require additional support to aid balance in the bathroom. Handrails and non-slip tiles are perfect solutions for those prone to falls or who need the confidence than extra resting points can give.

Mobility friendly bathrooms are essential for people who use a wheelchair to aid their mobility. Features such as lower sinks, lower toilets, walk-in showers and bath seats can transform a bathroom into a space which a wheelchair user could easily navigate independently so that they do not have to suffer the indignity of having to have someone help them perform the most personal of tasks.

It may be beneficial to completely transform your old bathroom into a wetroom to make it completely accessible.  Wetrooms are open and spacious so they are perfect for people who suffer with their mobility or sight.

BMAS specialise in mobility friendly bathrooms and can help you to regain your dignity and independence. Designed around your specific needs. Why not give us a call to find out how?