When you are planning a new mobility friendly bathroom then one of the biggest dilemmas you will face is whether to install a walk in shower or a walk in bath. It is a situation many people face as you usually only have the space for one or the other so which should you choose?

Consider the type of mobility issues you face

Often, the debate of walk in shower vs. walk in bath depends on the type of mobility problems you face and whether or not they are likely to deteriorate. A walk in shower offers the advantage of everything being on one level, whereas with a walk in bath there is a small step to navigate. If you have sight problems, use a wheelchair or have an age related condition such as Alzheimer’s, which can affect a person’s ability to judge depth and differentiate between flooring, even just a small step in may pose a risk to trips and falls.

Those who struggle to stand for long period of time may prefer a walk in bath however; shower seats can be installed to make showering easier if standing for long periods of time causes difficulty. Walk in baths do have the advantage of sitting in warm water however so an older person may get cold quicker using a walk in shower.

Personal preference

Often, the decision of bath or shower comes down to personal preference. Many people much prefer a daily shower whereas others prefer a long soak in the bath. Both have therapeutic benefits and it is always important to consider the personal preferences of the person who will be using the bathroom the most.

Here at BMAS, we have years of experience providing mobility friendly bathrooms and wetrooms, and we know only too well how difficult the choice can be. However, we can give good advice on what we feel would suit your needs, allowing you to find the decision making process that little bit easier.