Here at BMAS, we pride ourselves on being a company that really cares about our customers and about their welfare. We want our customers to have the easy access wetroom they’ve always dreamed of – something that fulfils all their needs perfectly. This is a philosophy which is shared by all of us including all the tradesmen who work so hard to make the finished product exactly what the customer wants.

The Proof is in the feedback

Take this from Charles who wrote to us on behalf of his mum. We installed a low-level walk in bathroom in Edinburgh for her and they wanted to tell us how impressed they are with our work. They said that our team was

“amazing, professional, hardworking and courteous with a truly impressive standard of workmanship”

This isn’t just a one-off however. We received a lovely message from Steve and Lorraine Harte, who were impressed from start to finish by the assistance given by our man Colin who advised them on the design of their wetroom and by the sheer hard work and professionalism shown by our installers Stevie and Immie.

Committed to providing the ultimate service

All our tradesmen, without exception, are given glowing reviews by our customers for our bathrooms, and it’s clear that their skill and hard work is much admired. It is obvious from the positive reviews our customers give us that our team are ahead of the field when it comes to the speed and efficiency of their work and their friendly and cheery attitudes too. At BMAS, we care, not only about the standard of the work we offer, but about our clients’ needs – and it’s lovely to know they care enough to let us know how well we’re doing at providing wetrooms to suit a variety of needs.