If you have, or are considering, replacing your old bathroom with a mobility focussed bathroom , we look at why the correct tiles and tile maintenance are so important.

Non-slip tiles are simply essential in any mobility friendly bathroom, in order to make the space safe to use for anyone, with or without mobility problems. Non-slip tiles are more porous than your regular gloss or enamel tile and so when wet, they do not pose a risk of slipping and the tile does not allow the water to simply sit on top of it. The porous surface also allows for better grip underfoot.

Easy, but essential maintenance

It is important to keep your non-slip tiles clean and to not let them sit wet for any longer than is necessary. You should mop around your bathroom after it is used in order to soak up any excess water from your floor or walls.

As non-slip tiles are more porous, if you leave water on them frequently it could begin to erode the surface of the tile.

In order to keep your non-slip tiles in the best condition to aid mobility in your bathroom, you should clean them regularly and soak up any excess water after a shower or bath.

If your bathroom or wetroom is beyond repair, why not contact us here at BMAS and we’ll be delighted to help you update it. We can also give tips on maintenance to make sure it lasts for years.