Even water temperature depends on steady water flowing to your shower, and sudden water temperature variations easily occur, if a tap is used elsewhere. This can be frustrating for users of bathrooms and wetrooms. The slower the rate of water the hotter it becomes, and this is dangerous if you cannot move out of the way quickly enough – an issue those with poor or reduced mobility know only too well. At BMAS, our experts in walk in bathrooms want to eliminate this problem for you.

Less than a second under hot water can cause burning. People suffering illness, side effects of medication or older individuals are more sensitive to changes in temperature. A thermostatic mixer, therefore, is perfect for wetrooms, especially if you find adjusting the controls difficult. At BMAS, we recommend a thermostatic valve if your water easily gets too hot, so that your water will always be the same comfortable temperature – allowing you to enjoy your easy access bathroom that little bit more.

With a thermostatic shower, if somebody turns on a cold tap elsewhere, you cannot get scalded because the thermostat compensates for this change in water pressure. Certain models shut off completely if either the hot or cold water source fails. A thermostatic shower is compatible with combination boilers, unvented hot water systems and gravity systems.

Of course, you may prefer an electric shower in case of gas boiler failure. There are also inexpensive thermostatic electric showers, again designed to regulate the water temperature, which our installers could source and fit for you.

Irrespective of your boiler system or if you prefer an electric shower, a thermostatic shower will make life safer and easier for you. Our specialists will gladly advise you for optimum water safety, as well as providing beautifully designed wetrooms that really tick all the boxes.