At BMAS, we want you to feel safer when showering and bathing in your bathroom. Shower seats are perfect if illness fatigue or pain prevents you from standing for long enough and we know that a durable and correctly shaped seat will provide long-term comfort and safety. Just like grab rails, installing a shower seat in your bathroom will make showering much easier and safer for you and further reduce the risk of falls.

  • Height: Measure from the back of your knee to the floor without footwear. Your feet should feel supported when sitting. If you need to use a raised toilet seat do bear this in mind.
  • Depth: Measure when sitting on a dining chair or wheelchair, from the back of your buttocks to the back of your knee. You’ll need ample depth to feel safe.
  • Width: Can you stand without the need to push up with your arms or do you prefer to use chairs with arms? If you need arm rests allow approx. 50cm in total plus elbow room, whereas a more basic seat may only need to be around 38cm wide.

Consider whether a simple platform will be adequate or whether you require more support from a contoured seat. You may need padding for back support, or a supportive seat may be required if without arm rests you could slide off.

Seats for shower cubicles or wetrooms tend to be wall mounted, which is ideal for stability and style. Our team are specialists in helping you select the safest shower seat for your needs, so why not call for advice and assistance with getting a shower seat in your bathroom that’s right for you?